Did you ever stop and start thinking what's up with the world today? We feel like we got stick in the same old routine, that sometimes it doesn't seem to be natural at all. We're reigned by the culture of over-consumption, lack of communication, isolation, prejudice, the system "to be followed"

We're waitin' for you to come here and say to yourself, I'm goin' to take a break, goin' to break up with the structures and turn it into good vibes, freedom, awareness, bohemia, because the truth is that I want to take a ride for a moment to find myself. I'm sick of the noise, I'm goin' to chill out and think that harmony, well-being and the culture of exchanging remain important in my trip, I want dynamic things, diversity, I want more friends, wierd ones, crazy ones, I don't care, I believe they are necessary. I want to be connected with nature, she's been waitin' for me, I want to have fun like there's no tomorrow, I would love to see the music, not only listen to it, I'm goin' to throw my watch away and forget what year we're livin' or what time it is, that would be really cool.

Fun brings nice things and it's not bound to end, we're part of evolution, come with us, be part of this new era, all together will carry on with this revolution and this has just begun, stop by "COOLRAUL", the start of a new unreality

Cool Raúl Hostel - San Lorenzo 1670, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina - Tel: +54 (0341) 679-3039